Video transcription

The reason we have stopped is the filter has a lot of pressure on it and we need to backwash it and the reason it has pressure is because we're sucking these contaminants up and taking them to the filter so that they don't get back into the swimming pool. Now that we have the pump basket clean we want to place it back in the pump. The pump basket catches everything that comes through that is too big to go into the filter. This is our sand filter that we are backwashing. Normally the filter runs on filter. You have filter, winter, closed, backwash, recirculate and rinse. You want to backwash, you push your valve down move it around to backwash. Once you have backwashed you want to move it around to rinse. Now mind you you have to cut the filter off, the power off the pump every time you change your valve or it will ripple your spider gasket and you will be taking it apart to replace your spider gasket so right now we're at backwash. We will backwash it for about two minutes, turn the pump off, move it around to rinse, we'll rinse until our sight glass is clear and then we will put it back on filter and we also look at our pressure gage to see what the pressure is running because we don't want the pump to run too high of pressure.