Video transcription

Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we will be switching our door locks. To switch our door locks we are first going to put a screwdriver bit in our drill. We want to locate all of our screws in both our locks and our deadbolt. We are going to take those out. Just disassemble our locks and make sure you do not loose the pieces. Now, as we install our locks, you'll notice that our plate does stick out, so what we need to do is trace around that plate, and we will have to chisel out just a little bit so that plate will sit flush with our door edge. Once we've finished chiseling out for our lock, we can go ahead and assemble it. Now once you've switched your locks over, you want to test the door and make sure that the locks line up. Now for our deadbolt I'm going to add a little bit of extra hardware for security. We have this plate here where the deadbolt will go into the hole in the center, and that's going to add a lot more security.The way our deadbolt is now, the only thing really protecting us this little tiny piece of wood right here that could easily be broken out. So by installing that plate there is a lot more that it would have to tear out.