Video transcription

Hi, this is Jon, and in this clip we'll be fixing our opening. Now since we lowered our door by removing that board at the bottom, we've also lowered our top. Now if we take a look at our top, we have lowered that because we've lowered our bottom, so we need to come in and cut a section of two by four to put up here before we install our door so that everything will fit nicely. And then we're just going to have to come back and patch this up later. Now did I have to lower that door? No, I didn't. But, it's more of just a personal preference and I want that down on the bottom, which means I'm going to have to do a little extra work in the end. I have just a scrap piece of two by four that I've measured out to thirty-four inches, which is my rough opening, and I'm just going to cut that off. Next I'm just going to hammer that into place, and put in a few nails. And that fits much nicer. And when we go ahead and install it, it will be more secure.