Video transcription

Now that we've got the caliper all taken off, and the anti-sway bar mount, and tie rod, we're going to move on to the spindle, and all the ball joints right now, get all those dismantled. All right, now we're going to be taking off the axle nut. After the axle nut is removed, go into the lower ball joint, then the upper ball joint. Just like you did with the tie rod nut, after you take off the nut, you're going to hit the spindle, to loosen the ball joint. Now, I'm removing the upper ball joint, off of the spindle. At this point, it's good to have a helping hand, to hold the spindle, and the rotor away. Once everything is unbolted, lift up the control arm away. You will now turn it out. Slightly tap the axle nut, just to free it from the spindle, and slide off the spindle and rotor, like so. I just showed you how to remove the lower ball joint, upper ball joint, axle nut, and remove the whole spindle, and rotor assembly.