Video transcription

All right. In this segment, we got the truck all up in the air. We're sitting under it right now. We got our safety goggles on just in case we get any dirt in our eyes or anything. First thing we're going to do is undo these torsion bolts right here. Now, when you're working on a truck and you're doing a lift, you got to make sure you have at least three-eighths or half inch tools. You don't want to be doing no little quarter inch tools or nothing. You're going to break those tools right in half. Make sure you got yourself a good set of tools, all the right sockets. Make sure you're using the correct socket on the correct bolt. Don't try to use something that's just a little off. Make sure you have your metric and your standard, everything sorted out. It's always a good idea to go through and see what you're working with. Line up all the sockets, get them all ready that way, boom, bam. You got the right tool for the right job. So right now, Stevie's going to get in there right now, take these bolts out, and we're going to start tearing it down. These right here, these are the torsion bars that we just removed from the Colorado. This is actually what they use in this truck as the spring. This is attached in suspension and when the truck suspension goes down, this whole bar twists and basically this is the spring of the truck.