Video transcription

In this segment, I am going to talk about Jack Nicklaus' takeaway. Which was so important for the success of his swing for a lot of reasons. First of all, one of the fundamentals of Jack's swing was extension and width of his backswing. He wanted his backswing to be as wide as possible. And, that starts with a takeaway that is low. If you bring the club back low, for as long as you could, that is the first move. If you hinge your wrists right away, there is no way that you could get width. I realize that some very successful swings hinge their wrists right away and that is fine. But, Jack did it a different way. He had as wide as possible his takeaway. So, his thought was low, straight, and slow. Low, straight, and slow. But, the genius Jack Nicklaus also put this in while swinging the club. Swinging, as opposed to bringing. In other words, you could go slow, straight, and low. Bring it. Bring it. Bring it. Bring it. I am so stiff, it is not even part of the swing. But he said, low, straight, and slow while swinging the club. Swinging it. Low, straight, and slow while swinging the club. It was one of the bedrock fundamentals of his swing because it started everything off in the direction that he wanted to go. Give it a go. If you are going to bring it back low, and straight, and slow remember; you also have to swing the club.