Writing Versals in Calligraphy

By pamela laregina
pamela laregina

Pamela LaRegina began her career as a calligrapher/artist by registering her business, Supercalligraphics, with the state of Connecticut in 1976. As soul owner of this monk's cell of a business, she brags that it is the smallest, longest standing operation of its kind in Branford. During these three decades, Ms. LaRegina has created a wide range of works, from the practical, such as envelopes, invitations, etc., to the divine, such as fine art pieces including many of her own design. Large manuscript treatises include such titles as "Gleaming the Cosmic Lexicon," "Ding Bats and How to Do Them," "The Great Pretenders," "How to Just Say No to Drugs," and "Vis Comica." Pamela loves her pens and her brushes and her paints and her beautiful papers! She teaches both children and adults the fine art of handwriting, and is also an amateur Graphoanalyst. An Alphabet Doctor by virtue of her own ability to create diplomas, Pamela also issues licenses (such as the Octogenarian, the Nonagenarian, and the Centenarian.

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