Video transcription

Ok and the round hand script, you can find plenty of samples of this; has very gorgeous capitals but they absolutely defy definition. What I mean by that is that they're whatever you want them to be. This is what I would call a very passionate hand. I can if I choose to go back over this stroke but going back over a stroke is very tricky. Take a look at this piece. This is a Shakespeare sonnet number one o six. And I feel like I achieved this certain, a certain color in this piece. Even if you don't have any real color in a piece if it has tones to it like this one does then it can be referred to as having color. And I did this piece hoping that I was making my fine lines just thick enough so that this could be reduced. And when it came down to gosh this has to be about fifty percent, or maybe sixty percent, of the original it did ok. So now it's on an eight and a half by eleven and it's plenty useful. Here is a, I don't know if this is going to show up or not, but this is the round hand script of capital alphabet very loosely done with gold paint.