Video transcription

The final thing to do before closing the session is to actually spend some time massaging the legs. These leg muscles again will be very tense from the dog having quite often been very sedentary. The dog won't move around much because it hurts to move. Muscles tighten up so like a person who has been sitting a long time a massage of these muscles will help them a lot and you'll want to work from the foot up so you want to work down in this area and working your way up into the upper muscles of the leg. This one is actually best done lying down so you would want to do this one. So you've finished the rest of your acupuncture sessions, massaged one leg, turn the dog over and do the other leg and really concentrate on working the energy up from the feet into the hip area making that whole area move, softening and easing those tight muscles and that will help them a lot in their movement the next time they get up and start to move around and you want to again do this on both sides because most often there is an imbalance in a dog who has actually had hip dysplasia.