Video transcription

Hello, my name is Neil Draper, and we're going to talk about breeding your mare, to a stallion, today, a little bit on what to look for. Of course, I want a mare that is real broke, and real ridable, because I want the colt to be like the mare. The mare is going to be definitely 50% of what your colt is, if not more, so I want a mare like her. She's not the greatest confirmation, but she has a really good mind. She's real handleable. I can go do anything I want on her. I can ride her anywhere I want, and that's what I want to duplicate, is the usability of a horse, whether you get a filly or a colt horse, and when I select the stallion, I want a stallion that is nice and calm, people can be around him, and that is broke and handleable, and the more the stallion has done, in his life, as far as roping or rodeos, or barrel racing, or any of the events in horsemanship, that's the kind of horse I'd be looking for, to breed to this mare. Now, as you can see, she's a paint horse, American Paint Horse Association, and you'd look for a paint horse or a quarter horse, so you could register in that association, and I'd look for a horse, that was, confirmation was good, and the attitude of the horse was really good, so my colt, I'd have a high chance of the colt, producing the same as this mare. Some of the reasons I would breed a mare, and have a foal, for especially the enjoyment, and to be able to handle a baby horse, and to be able to train it to an adult stage, and some people breed for racing, so they would want to breed to race, the horses that can actually do it, can actually run fast, and your chances would be better of getting a horse that could run fast. Some people do it for cutting, and they breed to a horse that can cut cows, and the kind of confirmation you need to have to breed, to get a cutting horse, or a reining horse, and these people, sometimes are large farms, that breed to make a living, and they will pick the very best stallions, and the very best mares, so that colt is worth money to a buyer. This mare was bred by my dad, and he is just looking for the pleasure of having a baby colt, and being able to take care of it, and so he can come out in the backyard, and watch the mare and colt play together, and watch the colt as it grows up.