Video transcription

Alright, so that we can successfully change the battery, the first step is to locate the battery. Sounds simple enough, well believe me, even for an avid motorcycle rider, this bike is different from the rest. Nothing the same about this bike. O.k., a lot of people would guess the battery is going to be located here underneath the seat. That would make sense, but that isn't where it is. If you notice up here where you'd assume the gas tank is there is no fill spout. This is not a gas tank at all. The gas tank is actually located here under the seat. So, when we open this, what we find is a fill spout for the gas tank. No, battery. So, we'll have to search a little further, and in searching, if you look this bike over, won't see it. You'll have to dig deep. This is all engine, when they built this particular bike, the engine was so massive that it came time to put the gas tank on it, there was actually no room to put the gas tank . That's why had to engineer it and put it here under the seat. So, this is all engine up in through here, air breather, engine, and what have you. The battery is actually going to be located up front here, right behind the forks. Believe it or not.