Video transcription

Hi I'm chef Jordan. And I'm going to show you how to make some simple and delicious soups. In this clip I'm going to show you how to make a delicious vegetarian Minestrone soup. The tools you'll need for this dish, is a knife and cutting board and a stock pot. There's quite a few ingredients in this dish. But they're all married together into a delicious soup. We have tomato, green beans, carrots, yellow squash, garlic and onions and some white beans. I like these great Northern beans. And canned are fine. Because they come pretty close. If not, you can cook your own. And add them later. I also have little, extra virgin olive oil. And for the base, I'm using vegetable broth. Chicken broth will be fine too. If you weren't going vegetarian. So, I'm going to start by dicing and chopping all my ingredients, to go inside this soup. First, what I want to do. Is chop off both ends of the onion. I'm just going to take each half. Cut about a quarter of an inch, slices the long way. And turning it. And then cutting about quarter of an inch slices, the other way. Giving me a nice square dice. And now I'm going to chop my carrots to go with the onions. And with carrots, you want to peel the outside with vegetable peeler. Line them up, nicely. And cut these ends out. Discard those. I'm going to cut them in half, again. To make smaller pieces, that are easier to work with. Now what you want to do, just take the carrot. Cut it in half. And it gives you a nice flat surface to work on. So the carrot doesn't roll on you, when you're cutting it. Now I'm going to cut them about quarter inch slices. About the same , I did with the onions. And just go again and cut quarter inch slices to give you an even dice. I'm going to add about two table spoons of olive oil. Just enough cover the bottom of the pan. Ah! that's a fantastic sound. It sizzles. Now that you're really put them in. Alright, well, next thing to go in the soup is some garlic. Now I'm just going to chop this garlic really fine. Now I'm going to go ahead and add my vegetable stalk. I'm going to add three cups. And now I'm going to cut the rest of the vegetables that need to go in my soup. Starting with my green beans. Just grab a hand full of these. Make sure to take the ends. Just snap them off. You're going to take them and cut them into about, one inch pieces. Great. And there's all my beans. And now I'm going to cut the squash to go in at the same time, as the beans. Discard those and cut it in half to work with more manageable size. Now what you want to do, is cut in half. Just like the carrot. And then, I'm going to cut these in half. To about quarter pieces. And then I have nice, flat planks to work with. So that I can cut quarter inch pieces. About the same size as the carrots and onions. Cut about quarter inch slices. You can get these nice, diced pieces. They're all uniform in size. And I love these vine ripened tomatoes. They're great. But you can use any other tomatoes, if you'd like. Such as Roma or Beef Steak. Or even little cherry tomatoes. So first thing, I'm going to do. Is cut off the core of the tomato. And now I'm going to cut the tomatoes into about, quarter inch size pieces. Same as all the other vegetables I've been cutting. Now I'm going to add my veggies. Just add the whole thing. Give it a little stir. Look at those beautiful colors. You got the yellow from the squash, red from the tomatoes. The green from the beans. And I'm just going to let this simmer for about twenty minutes. So now the vegetables are all cooked. And all I need is a little salt. And some fresh cracked pepper. Perfect. I'm just going to dish out one, one ladle full. And I'm just going to garnish with little chopped parsley. And that's how you make vegetable Minestrone soup.