Video transcription

Now I am going to discuss just a brief amount of information about facts and fiction about permanent hair rules with electrology. Now people have come to me many times through my career and said to me I shaved this area and the next time I let it go the shaving increased the growth. Oh now it's terrible and then I start to ask some questions, basically how old were you when you started shaving, how long when you stopped shaving and usually it will be a young woman and when she thinks back the first time she shaved was like 16 years old and then the first time she let off of the razor truly she was like 18 and then of course she saw some serious differences because she started to mature as a woman. Shaving has no factor on hair growth, it clips the hair above the skin, everything happens under the skin in the follicle where the germative cells are and the papilla and the blood supply and cutting the hair above the skin has no effect on hair growth so that is a wives tale. So if you think shaving is going to increase your growth it isn't but tweezing is a different story. If you tweeze around the mouth you can really stimulate hair and why it is is that you are born with every hair you have dormant under your skin when you are born and when you start plucking hair the blood rushes because you injure that hair, you are pulling skin out as well. It injures that hair and the blood supply rushes to that hair and it very well can stimulate the hair next to it and so you also increase that blood supply so those two factors can make that hair stronger and it can make more hair so you don't want to pluck or wax hair in certain body areas. There are women that have come to me and waxed here and the next thing a year later they did not want to spend the money in permanent hair removal and they had wire going half way down their legs but that is not everybody but that is a big problem for some women.