Video transcription

I'm working on Pamela's underarms. This is an area that is sexual terminal hair as well as the genital area, and the face area. This area is thick, deep type of hair, usually on most people. Now, I'm assessing the problem and she has scattered hair. The hair here is usually like a clock. It'll grown, like a circle on most people. Hers doesn't, though. Not too much. It grows up this line. So, I'm going to taunt that skin a little bit. And these hairs are at like really flat to the skin. So, I need to slide that needle right, almost flat. You know, it has to do like it's coming out of the skin slide it in the way it's growing. And then you get real - what's the word I'm trying to think of - you have a lot of mobility with your hands when you do this for awhile. You know how to work those tweezers and work that needle. You know how to spin it through one figure to another and make it. And what angle to do and how to handle it and how to go around and how to do the work.