Video transcription

Now when it comes to electrology we have to set up the machine for Pam. Every person is different on what it takes to do the job. And with Pam I kind of know what the treatment setting should be. Now with this machine, this is, it basically has all kinds of features on it. One of the features is called the mulit-needle. It attaches to this machine where you can run up to like 18 needles at one time. And doing that procedure you're doing like a weaving procedure. But when like right now I am going to work with the blend. So I am going to set this up so there is a, I am going to put it on automatic so I don't have to work with the pedals. I like automatic. So I am going to put a little bit of delay on it so it gives me a second or so to get into the follicle before that current is released. And then I set basically the setting enough for the heat as well as electrology part. I call the live part of this machine. To achieve what Pam needs to do this work. Now I've done those settings with Pam and I've had Pam as a client for quite a while so I know what those are. So, basically you are set and now we are ready to go.