Video transcription

I want to talk a little bit about diesel fuel and diesel tractors. A diesel tractor is hands down the way to go. Gasoline tractors were great in their day, but a diesel tractor has the advantage of much more power, longer life, lower maintenance, just a win win situation all the way around. But they are a little different if you're accustomed to gasoline vehicles. There a few things you want to know about diesel. One which is good news, diesel is far less volatile or flammable than gasoline is. And it's a lot safer to work with, you don't have to take quite as strict precautions in dealing with it. On a diesel tractor there are a few things that are important to know. It's best to keep your tank topped off, diesel fuel will hold moisture in it, and you can even get algae blooming in diesel, which will just cause problems with your fuel system and clog your fuel filter. So the more you keep the fuel tank full, the less opportunity you have for condensation and moisture to enter into the tank. There are good diesel fuel additives that you can use that will keep moisture out of your fuel, will help clean your injectors and help make the tractor start more easily. In fueling your tractor as with anything, it's best to fuel when the tractor is shut off and it's not really hot. It's very important that you don't mix your fuels up, you do not want to put gasoline in a diesel tractor. It can very quickly do serious damage to your engine. And so you'll notice here our diesel can is yellow, this is kind of the universal color for diesel cans. Your fuel can for your lawnmower, your gasoline lawnmower is probably red. Get a yellow can to keep your diesel in, so that you don't mix them up. Fueling is basically very straight forward, you're going to just take the cap off and fill it up, top it off. Keep that fuel level high so that you don't run out. Running out of fuel in a diesel tractor is not a catastrophe, but it can be a bit of a pain. Because that will allow air to get into the fuel lines and you will not be able to get the tractor started again until you've bled that fuel out of the fuel lines. And that's something that we'll cover in more detail in another segment. So in a nutshell, diesel tractors are stronger, longer lasting, lower maintenance, and just absolutely the way to go for a tractor.