Video transcription

This is going to be standard relaxation therapy for the gluteal muscle. This is an area that a lot of people never get massaged so it an be really tender both because of that and because of where it is. A lot of people tend to be sensitive in that area to begin with. So warm up for this area is very important. Obviously that warm up is going to consist of the standard general assessment of the tissue area, muscle tone. This area is going to reach from the small back all the way down to the tops of the posterior thigh, think of that gluteal muscle and the shape that it goes in, like that. That's one of the things that you're going to want to work is the muscle in that shape, with your effleurage, both light and when it gets deeper. One thing that you want to be very aware of and careful of is as you get down around the top of the thigh bone, most of you can feel a bit of thigh bone protrude. That's the greater trochanter of the femur. You'll have to be careful not to go over the edge of that bone, again that can cause pain and bruising. But this is going to take some fairly deep work once the person is warmed up too it. You can get in deep with a thumb, you can do a lot of deep effleurage, you can even get some petrissage in there, depending on the muscle tone of the person that you are working on. This process can continue for as much as five to seven minutes, it's a large muscle group and can frequently take a lot of work. And that's going to be standard relaxation therapy for the gluteal muscles.