Video transcription

What we're going to demonstrate and talk about is how to properly tie off a flat headed axe for hoisting purposes. We take our piece of rope and we can either tie a figure eight on a bite or the simple bowline to start with. I'm going to choose the bowline. We form the round turn, take our rope up and out of the hole around the tree and then back down through the hole and we would secure our rope with the basic overhand safety knot to secure the end of the rope. We then take our bowline and slide it down over the handle of the axe to the head, wrap our rope up around the head and form two half hitches to be placed over the handle of the axe. The first half hitch slides about two thirds of the way down. The second half hitch is about a third of the way down. And, our axe is now secure and tied and ready to be hoisted to an upper floor area.