Video transcription

Hi, in this section I'm going to show you how to measure alcohol. Now there's a couple different ways to do it. The most traditional way is to use this, which is called a jigger. This one has a handle, a lot of them don't. Sometimes they're just two sections like this. Typically one has one measure on it, and the other has a different one. So as you can see, this one's a little bit bigger and this one's about an ounce, and this one is three fourths of an ounce. So this what you can do when you're making a drink and you need to have one ounce, you know, you need to use the bigger side, and you're just going to pour your alcohol in, and then you're going to pour in your drink. And be careful when you pour it cause it's pretty easy to spill. And I can show you the same thing with the other side, and you're going to pour it in. So that's one way to measure a drink. The other way, that's probably the better way to do after you get used to it, is speed pouring. And now how you do this is you just measure while you're pouring and you count in your head or if you have to count out loud. And the best way to learn this method is to actually practice by using a jigger. So here, I'm going to show you. I'm just going to count. For me, typically, a four count equals one ounce. So, one, two, three, four. And for the other side, three count, one, two, three. So then what you can do to test yourself is to try in a shot glass. First you want to empty your shot glass out, and let's say, we're going to do an ounce, so, one, two, three, four. And we'll see. And look at that, exactly one ounce of liquor. An additional way to measure when you pour is to do what they call a two finger count, it's what it sometimes referred to. So first you're going to fill your glass up with ice, and then you're going to take your liquor and you're going to pour an ounce of liquor. And so here, I'm going to measure it, so that should be one ounce of liquor, I'm just going to pour it in. And you're going to see it comes up, on this glass it comes up to about where two fingers are. And this is a great thing to do because if you don't want the customer to know that you're not quite sure of your measure, you can just hold the glass while you pour and you'll know you're finished once it reach your finger mark and the customer won't know that you're aren't certain about your measurement. And these are the best ways to measure when you're pouring a drink.