Video transcription

Now, this guitar is a type of acoustic guitar called a twelve string guitar. First off, it's an acoustic guitar because there is nowhere to plug it in. There's no jacks on this guitar. There's no microphones. There's no pickups. It's just the sound hole. So, this is a purely acoustic instrument. Now, you'll notice on this guitar. Where the other guitars had six strings, this has a pair of six strings. So, I'm missing one string up here I believe. In the middle. Everyone of these other guys there is two strings very close together. Here they're an octave apart. We'll talk about that later too. It adds more of a chorus effect, a larger sound to the chords. So, you kind of hear a bigger, brighter sound going on with this instrument. Now, the headstock (obviously) is substantially larger, because it needs to fit twelve strings rather than six.