Video transcription

And now we're going to push the wire back up into the ceiling and lay these wires in here nicely so that they won't be in the way. Now push that back up. Take our screws. Now through these isn't proper how they would have this with just these dry wall screws, but it appears to have been working, so I'm going to continue with what was working here. And going to put that in place like that. Oh! Don't crack it. OK. Let me put this other one in. Better loosen up on that just a little. Then I'm going to push this around so I can find where that other screw hole was. Where's the other. Is that it. There's one there. OK, maybe this will work. Put a couple of screws into here. That's not right. Let me pull that back off I think. maybe that will work. Tighten up on that. OK. That'll work. OK.