Video transcription

Ok, now we're ready to put the wine in the bag, but in order to make sure that the tissue pops out the top and looks cute, we're going to put the wine in the tissue first. A nice big piece of party store tissue paper, put the wine in the center, bring up your short ends, then, we're not going to gather this around the neck; we're just going to be very loose about it, but we want to make sure that we've got nice pointies coming out the top because it's going to look really sharp in the bag like that. Just slide bottle in. Do the same thing for a T-shirt or a mug, or whatever. You can roll the T-shirt up, like a sleeping bag, into a tight roll and then stick it inside the tissue paper and then pop it in the bag. Now, you can stop right here; this looks so, so cute, just like this. But we're going to take it another level by gathering it up and adding some little embellishments. Tying the twine around the neck of the bag can be a little bit tricky; you want to make sure, there we go, that you don't have any unsightly folds. That looks nice, and this is just going to go in a regular old knot. Ok, next I'm going to make these cute little buttons to hang from the twine.