Video transcription

In this series, we're going to talk about some things women can do to keep themselves safe while traveling or when they're out and abroad. Today, I'm going to be assisted by Zandra in demonstrating some of the techniques for self protection as well as some of the situational awareness things that need to be done to keep women safe when traveling. We're going to be covering some key attack points today, things like parking lots, and ATM's, as well as how to handle threats that it might be in a hotel situation. Some of the things to take into consideration with the psychology of the male attacker with a female victim. The problem we have with traveling women is they often look a little bit out of place which makes them appear on the radar for the perpetrator who wants to attack them. So we want to do things like keeping our focus steady, avoiding the cell phones, keeping our attention on what's going on, making sure the cars are safe, making sure you're not in a place where danger could be present and being really aware of your surroundings. This is the biggest problem we have with self defense is putting yourself in a situation that would require you to have to defend yourself in the first place. If we can avoid that, then we can really minimize the dangers to any women traveling or even women traveling locally.