Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jeremy Blackwell. I'm here today to help you get started on your basement remodel project. Some of the common things you want to watch for in framing, is to make sure that all of your walls are plum, level and square. This keeps everything looking good and looks like a professional has done the work. If you've hired a professional, to frame your walls, you can easily check this, with the level at the hardware store, probably the same place they bought their level, to do the work. When framing your basement, you want to keep in mind that the concrete is probably not level and plum, so what we usually do is, when we snap a line, we'll come from the concrete, about two inches, and then start our wall that way we can clear any problems we may have with chunks of concrete, already stuck to the wall or the wall not being level and plum, itself. When you get to a door, if your wall is not plum and level, the door will not work. This is a good example of a plum and level wall because when we open the door, half way, the door will stay in place. That means it's not trying to close itself and that would be a sign of a wall that is not level.