Video transcription

Hi I am Doctor Joshua Vogel with Carolina OBGYN a division of Wilmington Health Associates, and I would like to talk to you today about treating vaginal dryness. There are several potential causes of vaginal dryness, but by far the most common is referred to a as atrophic vaginitis, associated with women in the menopause. The most effective treatment for this condition is prescription vaginal estrogen which can come in the form of creams, caplets, or even a vaginal ring. Generally these treatments are going to be very effective, but sometimes return visit to your doctor after initiating these therapies to refine the treatment may be necessary. Some women do not wish to use a prescription estrogen and for them there are certainly other things that should be tended to. Careful attention to good care of the vaginal area is essential. When bathing avoid using wash cloths, lufas, scrub brushes or other scrubbing implements, wash with only your hand with a gentle unscented soap, and after finishing your bath, gently to a mild dampness and apply a gentle lubricant such as mineral oil, or even petroleum jelly. These measures should help you to treat vaginal dryness. This has been a discussion of treating vaginal dryness.