Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Miguel Rodriguez. I'm a Gastroenterologist with Miami Gastroenterology Consultants in Miami, Florida. If you have symptoms reflux acids, you know, characterized by the burning sensation, the quickest relieve would be to use an antacid. The formulation of the antacid may play a role; use in the liquid antacid will let you relieve symptoms quicker, relieve of the symptoms quicker; but it will last, it will have a little shorter duration. You, if you use; if you use a tablet or a chewable form of the antacid, that certainly will provide relief as almost as quickly as the liquid form, but it will last a little bit longer. You can also use all the preparations that are now over the counter such as what they call H2 Receptor Antagonist that can be, such as Famotidine and so forth that can be used and achieve relief within half an hour to an hour.