Video transcription

You may be dating someone and contemplating a more serious relationship and perhaps even marriage at some point and you know they were married at one time, but you're not sure if they're divorced. Hello, I'm Robert Todd; I'm here to answer the question, "How to find out if someone has divorced?" Well the simplest way is to find out from the court records if they are in fact divorced. So you probably going to have to get this individual to provide you with information as to where they obtain this divorce. If you know the county and the state in which they state they were divorced, you can contact that county courthouse and find out from their public records about this individual by simply providing them with this individual's name. If you know their approximate date of divorce, this will expedite and make the search more efficient. Obviously if you have the time and the means to go to that courthouse, you can do the search yourself. It's a very simple process. I'm Robert Todd and thank you for watching.