Video transcription

You are considering applying for employment, and you are somewhat worried about your prospective employer doing a background check because you have some arrests in your background, and you're not sure whether you should tell them about it or not. Hello, I'm Robert Todd, and I'm here to answer the question do arrests show up on a criminal background check? Well generally speaking, an arrest is just that. Without a conviction an arrest is not a significant event. Now, if you are applying for a federal job or a high security job, generally speaking, sometimes arrests are considered relevant, but in the general public domain an arrest is just that. Without a conviction it really is meaningless. The better course of action is if you are asked about an arrest is to tell the truth because it is simply that, it was an arrest. You were not convicted so that information should not bar you from the job for which you are applying. If you're asked something you should answer the question honestly and forthrightly. I'm Robert Todd, and thank you for watching.