Video transcription

Hello, my name is Barbara Dewitt. I'm a National Wildlife Federation Stewart with the Broward County Audubon Society. Hummingbirds live in the new world, and the new world is Northern America, Central America, and South America. And they also live in the Caribbean islands and other islands around Central America. The hummingbirds...most of our hummingbirds in the United States live in the West. They migrate...some of them migrate into Mexico and that's a place many people go to see hummingbirds or in Arizona, where they have the Chiricahua Mountains, and many of them in the wintertime will be spending their time there. The hummingbirds we see here in Florida are the ruby-throated hummingbird, also the black-chinned, which is very similar, and sometimes the buff-bellied hummingbird. That's would be a rarity and that's sometimes found in Miami. In Ecuador, there's more...there are more than 50 species of hummingbird, and if you go on a birding trip there, you could see those 50 species in as little as two weeks. They readily come to feeders there, and there are many flowers for them down there. Since it's on the equator, they're active and they...those hummingbirds just stay and most of those don't even migrate. They stay in one place. Peru and Brazil also have other hummingbirds.