Video transcription

Hello, my name is Rocky Gillis, I'm with the Broward County Athletic Association and offense, defense football camps. Skills that football players need. You need to have the skill and the ability to go out and be tough in various situations. Obviously this is a tough contact game, and you are going to have to take a lot of blows. You also have to develop the ability to deliver blows. depending upon the position that you're playing the skills will vary. So, some people will need speed and agility, while you have other positions where size, strength are very important. Such is, as you develop and begin to play on the offense and defensive lines. As you move to the higher levels of football, from youth league to high school, to college and then to pro, at certain positions, different skills become even more important. As you move on and if you're one of the skill, what they call the skill positions, such as wide receiver, running backs, defensive backs it becomes very important to have speed. Most people in these positions as you move to the higher levels, are running forty's that are in the four/three to four/six range. So, you must do everything you can do to develop those skills, and the other positions on the offensive line now size and strength has come more important. We are now looking at a day in age where the bigger, faster, stronger is the motto. In closing I want to tell you just the last couple of things, a little personal advise for those people who are wishing to play football and want to develop the skills. Get involved with some speed training, very important that you develop the speed because in every position speed is going to be important and the agility, we'll always work on agility drills, very important.