Video transcription

Hi I'm Karen Rodowicz owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to show you how to make cheap flower arrangements. There are a variety of different things you can do. You can make smaller arrangements of which some of these well I'm going to show you right now. You can also start off with some more inexpensive flowers. The first arrangement I'm going to make for you is a bud vase using some carnations. Now carnations are nice because they last a little bit longer and they're also inexpensive. So I have some carnations here in a bud vase and I'm just going to tier them a little bit so it gives it a little bit more depth. So that's one arrangement using a little less inexpensive floral. The other thing to do if you want to use a more expensive flower but you want a different presentation, you can take a glass bowl or what I like to call a little bit of a fish bowl and you can float a flower in it. I have here a spider mom which is on the inexpensive side but you can do this with roses, orchids, something like that. You can also take a variety of daisies and float them as well. So these are just some different ideas on how to make a cheap floral arrangement. I hope this was helpful, Karen Rodowicz, JK Flowers.