Video transcription

Hi, I'm Doctor David Thomas. I'm a practicing psychotherapist with the Whitford Thomas Group in Tampa, Florida here to talk about the alcohol related problems. Over the years at Whitford Thomas Group we've worked very closely with the Florida Department of Corrections and Misdemeanor Probation in the area of substance abuse, primarily alcohol abuse. And through the years, I'm not sure what the percentage is, but I would tend to believe that in my own kind of experiential experiences that a vast majority of folks we've interviewed over the years, who have committed crimes, that there's a high percentage of folks who alcohol abuse or dependency was a part of that. What type of crimes do people who are alcohol or under the state of intoxication tend to commit? Well certainly the ones that I think we see a lot are the domestic violence or domestic abuse crimes. Often times, and I've done a lot of marriage counseling over the years, it's probably what I do the most of these days; in that the vast majority of the couples that I work with, problems tend to occur, especially if they're a little older, tend to occur a lot when they've been drinking. And that's where you know, kind of little things tend to get blown up and then from there arguments occur and often times, if it's not physically abusive, often times verbal abuse tends to occur. So we see a lot of domestic issues with alcohol. Also you see a lot of vandalism, burglaries and things like that. Interestingly over the years I've also seen a number of folks who are in black out states who are committing crimes or have no memory of the crime itself. Sometimes you gotta be a little careful with the, I don't remember kind of excuse, but I think it's very real in many many of the cases. So a lot of the crimes that we see in our community, in our society these days, truly are related to alcohol, not all, but often times related to alcohol. I hope this information has been helpful to you. From Tampa, Florida, I'm Doctor David Thomas.