Video transcription

Hi. I'm Dr. David Thomas. I'm a practicing psychotherapist with the Whitford Thomas Group in Tampa, Florida, here to discuss how long the withdraw symptoms of alcohol last. Withdraw symptoms of alcohol can last anywhere from hours to 10 days. For some individuals who are severe alcoholics, the withdraw symptoms in the form of psychosis can last for days and months but primarily what we're talking about, alcohol withdraw. It can be from the light end such as a hangover, is alcohol withdraw where the alcohol is leaving the bloodstream, moving into the kidneys and liver and being discharged from the body through urine. So, as that alcohol is leaving the system, the individuals begin to experience withdraw symptoms. Sometimes it's a headache.Sometimes it's some nauseousness. In more severe cases of alcohol withdraw, we begin to see shakes, DTs or Delirium tremens, where in those cases you often times get hallucinations. Also, the cardiovascular system becomes greatly compromised. That's why we have to be careful with folks in withdraw who have high blood pressure. In much more severe cases, psychosis. But if you're alcohol dependent, and actually physically dependent for the most part, you are looking at 6-10 days. the important part of alcohol withdraw is to make sure it's under medical supervision, certainly with the folks who are physically dependent. Hope this information has been helpful to you. I'm Dr. David Thomas from Tampa, Florida.