Video transcription

Hey, it's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here, and I'm going to show you how easy it is to create a PDF or a portable document format using a Mac computer. Now, it's a great way to share files across the net and cross platforms, because almost everybody has a PDF reader. If you don't then Adobe has a free version to download or you can download their professional version. But again in this day and age, almost every computer has a PDF reader. And a PDF is an important file format for many reasons. One, if you've got high documentation or high graphics rather, then you can do it in such a way that it's easy to see. The other thing is that it can be made so it's unchangeable, you can send the information in a contract and nobody can enter their things and you know you can pay them a thousand dollars and they change it to a million dollars. And it's also a very safe way and the file size is also a very usable way to send it also. Let me show you how to do it, it's very easy. Let's say you wanted to send a PDF of the Mac Store, like we're showing here. Simply all you have to do is go to file print or command or apple p. Once you do that you'll see your print queue come up and right here, based in every time you go to print something you will see a PDF option. Even here, this is a collapsed version, we uncollapse it here, we can see all the different places we can store it and we get to see a preview of what it looks like. But even in it's completely collapsed mode, PDF is available. And by clicking it you have more than just a few choices. We've got it in a PDF preview, I have several other programs here that I can send it to as part of an embed thing like meet your seats, but simply save as PDF. You can actually mail and fax it. You're doing this PDF because you want to send it to somebody, well not only can you save it but you can mail it in just one click. Here we're just going to save it as a PDF. Once we click there, all we simply have to do is give it a name. Give it a name. We're going to call it PDF test, going to save it right there to my desktop, and hit save. We have now just created a PDF. Now, if we go to our desktop, we can see that there it is. The PDF test, all I have to do is hit space bar and there it is. It's beautiful, it's got the graphic, it's ready to go. So remember creating a PDF on a Mac could not be easier. Simply hit print, PDF in the lower left hand corner and choose the flavor of PDF you want to do. Send it, record it, just save it, export it, it's all there at the click of a button. Like me, Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert and you're getting a PDF later.