Video transcription

Looking at using a church for your ceremony, there are, you definitely need to find out the guidelines and the rules. Most churches will allow fresh flowers, but not petals or candles. Some churches say no to fresh flowers all together which can be heartbreaking for a bride, so if you have your heart set on that, make sure before you book. You ask them if you may look over their rules and regulations, what you can and can't do. If they do allow fresh flowers, some really neat things you can do would be take your first initial and your grooms first initial, find a big foam piece and cover it with flowers, whether they be fresh or fake, doesn't matter, hang them from a ribbon on the door, so as guests walk through the church doors, there's a little bit of both of you there. Another really neat idea that is inexpensive, hydrangea is a great bloom and it comes in a lot of colors and it definitely comes in white, which is always good for a wedding. Take a ribbon that is the same color as something that you're using in your program or something that goes well with the church. Tie the hydrangea with the ribbon, drape the ribbon over the end of the pew and you have just a something pretty as you're walking down the isle. If you have a church that allows candles, a really beautiful thing is to get very tall hurricane cylinders, load the bottom with flower petals, very romantic, put a candle in and you have a very nice, more intimate feel as opposed to the very formal feel that you can get from a church sometimes.