Video transcription

I am going to show you how to make a cheap litter box cover. You can start by buying your basic five gallon storage from a home goods store, very cheap. Then you want to make a hole in your storage container. I usually follow just the natural grooves in the storage container and use a Sharpie to trace the door. And then using an Exacto blade, you want to go ahead and very carefully cut out your door. And this is how your cat is going to get into your covered litter box. I went ahead and already cut my door out so this is going to be my face cat litter box cover. One thing you can do is some people prefer their litter box covers to have doors to try and block out some of the natural odor from the litter. You can use a hole punch to punch holes in there and then using thread or wire, little twisty ties or zip poles you can actually go ahead and reattach this piece so that it swings through the door. You want to go ahead and then take off your lid and then you are going to place in there a smaller storage container to act as the litter box base. When selecting this you want to of course make sure that it fits inside. You want to make sure that it is good size for your cat, you don't want to make it too small or too short or too tall especially if you have got a kitten and then you want to place it inside. A real helpful hint is if you have a cat that is very particular about touching the litter you can go ahead and use the lid that comes with your storage container. Again carefully cut out part of the lid, not all of it, you want to leave some of the sides and that way they have something to stand on while using their litter box. Then you want to go ahead and place it inside and then place your lid back on top once you have got your lid and your liner in there. What is nice about these is that they actually hide your litter box out of sight and you can hide your scoops or extra supplies in there around the sides. Also if you don't care for the storage look of it. If you want something a little more out in the open you can do a cabinet or a wicker storage container and just very carefully cut a hole out of that as well and that's a little more decorative.