Video transcription

Hi this is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg with Miami dog training in Miami, Florida. If you are having a problem with your dog digging under the fence there are several different ways that you could go about stopping it. One would be you know all along the fence, all along the perimeter of the fence you could you know lay some wire. Some wire latched down or some wire meshed down and then you know put your grass or whatever on top of it so that when they dig they meet up with the metal and can't get through it so they do tend to stop. Another method that you may want to use you know if there's already a hole there, you can take a balloon you know fill up the balloon, put it in the hole, cover the hole and when they start digging it again the balloon pops giving them a correction keeping them away from there. Another method you can use is their own poop, because they don't like to dig in it. So by you know if you do have a trouble spot or a problem spot what you can do is you know if there's a hole or if it's just right along the perimeter lay they poop down there and that's going to keep them away from it as well. And there are also products that you can use like keep off and other yard products that can be used for digging you know perimeter digging or digging in general. Another thing that can be done is using cinder blocks or rocks to prevent you know prevent them from digging. And again you know one of the best things, one of the main reasons dogs even tend to dig is because they are bored. So by giving them that you know the right amount of exercise you know some discipline and affection at the right times you can really curve a lot of these issues that you are having.