Video transcription

And now I will demonstrate African-American braiding. Some of the most popular hair styles among hap, African-American women by braiding is Cornrows, two strand twist, free standing braids, braids using synthetic hair or braids using human hair. And now I will demonstrate African-American braiding by doing Cornrow. To braid the hair, again I would suggest taking half of an inch subsection and then braiding the hair closely, close down onto the scalp as tight as possible without causing, as tight as possible without causing any discomfort to your client. If you are not a braider or have not yet learned the technique of braiding with three strands, another way to braid the hair down to the scalp is just by using a two strand braid, and this is simply by twisting the hair back onto the scalp. And then secure your braid with a clip, unless of course you need to continue braiding all the way down to the end. And that is how you do a Cornrow on African-American hair, which is one way to demonstrate how to braid hair.