Video transcription

I'm Dr. Donald Gossett. I'm an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I have training in dentistry and specialty training in maxillofacial surgery. Today we're going to speak about some fairly general aspects of general dentistry and possibly specialized dentistry and hopefully be able to educate you a little better on some of those topics. We're going to talk about the blood supply to the tongue. The blood supply to the tongue effectively comes from the lingual artery. That's where the main blood supply comes. And it comes as it exits and comes upwards from the external corroded artery. There are some other smaller vessels which are the secondary feeders which can come from the facial and from the ascending pharyngeal branches which come in and supply some adjacent areas of blood supply. The tongue is interesting because it is extremely well vascularized and whenever you get it cut, you will bleed excessively and that's why anytime people bite their tongues or whatever, you see a tremendous amount of blood in their mouth because of the vascularity of the tongue. This is Dr. Donald Gossett. I hope you enjoyed the information to the point to where you may pursue dentistry or you may pursue the benefits of some of the treatment alternatives.