Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to learn all about how to grow a tomato, upside down tomato, using a bucket, and it's really easy to do. Now tomatoes will grow pretty much anywhere they get a lot of sun, and there's many different types of tomatoes, and the trend now is to put 'em in hanging baskets or in a hanging bucket with them growing out the bottom, and it's pretty simple. But basically, you need to start with either a tomato plant that's always, already growing, just barely growing, and a seed tray is particularly the best 'cause you don't want to big root base to stick into your pot. And a easy way to start your tomatoes is right in a seed tray. You just use some nice seed starting mix that's high in vermiculite or Peet moss and then, you just put seeds right into there about one inch deep and they'll start growing. And once they have a good root mass, you can transplant 'em to your bucket. When using a bucket, you can use pretty much any type of bucket, and you can paint it or you can just leave it the way it is, and it's great because it'll hang right upside down and the trick is to cut holes into the side, along, above the top so they're about at least three to four inches long, at least two or three inches tall. Once you have your tomatoes growing, you can turn around and just put your tomato start right into the side of the buckets. Make sure there's nice good compost or potting soil in the bucket for it to grab onto. And it'll just grow right out the side of the bucket. And you can hang it up as well, and as long as you keep it watered, but don't let it sit in too much water, it'll start rotting. And make sure it's got lots of hot, full sun to grow. And the tomatoes will just grow right out of the bucket. You can even have them come out of the top of the bucket. A lot of times I like to start 'em up at the top and the bottom and then you have a full, full range of tomatoes in your bucket because they'll grow from the top and the bottom and because they're a vine, you can pretty much just wrap 'em anywhere that you want. So make sure that they don't stay too wet or too dry. Give 'em lots and lots of water when they are growing and make sure and trim out the tomatoes as soon as they're ripe so they keep producing more tomatoes. So growing them upside down, tomato basket in a bucket is really quite easy.