Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein, a dentist here in St. Petersburg, Florida and today we're going to be talking about the role of a dental nurse, otherwise known as a dental assistant. I could not work a day, again, if I didn't have the help of my dental assistant. A dental assistant does everything from greeting the patient, and seating them, and treating them nicely to begin with, helping me, handing me instruments, taking care of them when I'm away, and doing procedures, actually with them. That may include taking x-rays, making models of their teeth, helping me write down things, like I said, handing me instruments, preparing materials, ready for me, and really, really taking care of a patient. They are a liaison to me and to the rest of the practice, but such a, such a comfort for the patient. I personally work with a lot of very phobic patients who are scared and that dental assistant is so, so important to help patients feel comfortable. A dental assistant has to have some training and goes through some schooling to become trained in dental assisting, to learn how to take the x-rays and to make models, and to help with the different materials, but if you have any other questions about a dental nurse or a dental assistant, please give me a call, I'm Dr. Larry Klein, here in St. Petersburg, Florida where a smile is contagious!