Video transcription

Hello my name is Leonardo at Legendary Beads here in Austin, Texas. And today we're going to talk about making beaded snowflake ornaments. And in doing that we have pre-made form. They already have the shape. They're about a 20 gage. And here we have swarovski beads. And swarovski beads are really nice because the hole through them are about 20 gage. So this works out perfect. You can just pretty much stage these through. I'm going to put on a few bicones. Here's some rounds. More bicones. So once you've reached the top you'll make a little bend just like this. Taking your flat nosed pliers, holding the tip of the wire, and then just bending that back. And that's one part of the snowflake. And then just continue on until your snowflake's finished. And with this top hook you can actually also just put the string on and hang them from your window. And remember, if you make it you own it and enjoy it. Good day.