Video transcription

This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, Board Certified dermatologist and author of "Six Weeks to Sensational Skin". This clip talks about how to remove hanging warts and we do somethings see growths just seemingly hanging especially from the area around our neck and under our arms. If you would like to try to remove these at home the first thing that I'd caution you about is not to cut them off because whether these hanging growths represent warts or a more common thing called skin tags, you need to know that both of these have big blood supply to them and although it may be very tempting to think about taking a clean razor blade, maybe taking some manicuring scissors and boiling them and just cutting them off, you can have terrible associated bleeding if you try to cut any of these off. Please do not do that. Well what what you can do is you can get some nylon thread and before you go to sleep at night you can take the base of the hanging wart or tag and you can actually tie it off and try to tie it somewhat tightly right at the base. This will sometimes cause a strangulation of that growth. It typically will take many nights of doing this before you find low and behold that you have cut off the circulation to it and have it drop off but it just may work for you. This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo.