Video transcription

This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, Board Certified Dermatologist, and author of "Six Weeks to Sensational Skin." This clip is about how to get rid of broken capillaries. First of all, you've got to know, if the red spots that you have are broken capillaries, and why I'm pointing to the hands, is because one spot where we will sometimes see broken capillaries, is on the hands, both the palms of the hands, the backs of the hands, as well as the chest. Sometimes when these broken capillaries are on our hands, they almost look a little bit like little red spiders on our hands, and really what you do want to do, is to ask yourself, or your physician, why do I have the broken capillaries? and I want you to realize, that certain medications or things that you take by mouth, can be associated with broken capillaries. A common cause are estrogen containing pills, like the oral contraceptive pill, so if you find that you're getting a lot of broken capillaries, ask your gynecologist about your choice of the contraceptive pill. The other thing that's common in giving you broken capillaries, is alcohol intake, and it may very well be, that if you suddenly have more of these broken capillaries, it's because you've been having a little more alcohol than your system can process. If the broken capillaries on your body don't seem to be going away, please see a physician, who may very likely take some blood tests, even to be sure that there's no liver disease involved, and secondly, the physician may be able to take a laser, and just zap away at your broken capillaries. This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo.