Video transcription

This is Doctor Loretta Ciraldo board certified dermatologist an author of "Six Weeks to Sensational Skin." This clip is about how to get rid of broken capillaries on the face and let's first talk about how to avoid broken capillaries on the face. So if you notice that you're starting to get some broken capillaries which are commonly seen around our nose. It's very common to have them right in here by maybe the age of forty most of us do or we can see them here. First thing is to make sure that your medications like ratinae, Taserak some of these topical medications that the dermatologist may leave you. So make sure that they're not contraindicative for broken vessels. So, read the package insert. If they are then put on your ratenae or your Taserak in areas everywhere else but where you have the broken vessels. Now, let's say though that you have them. What can you do for them? Well, there's two basic ways to approach it. One is topically. There are multiple products made which have topical vitamin K and it is as simple as taking a topical vitamin K cream and applying it just over the area of the broken capillaries every morning and every night and many people do find that with continue use, their broken capillary will fade using vitamin K cream. Secondly, if they don't fade then the next thing to do is to go to your dermatologist who can take either an electric cordery or a laser which is as fine as a little needle that we put right over the area of the broken capillary. We zap it. It may turn a little purple but then usually within a period of days, the broken capillaries gone. This is doctor Loretta Ciraldo.