Video transcription

This is Doctor Loretta Ciraldo board certified dermatologist an author of "Six Weeks to Sensational Skin." This clip is about how to remove foot calluses. Now, I won't show you my foot but I will show my hand and explain to you that a callus is most commonly found on the sole of the foot and it usually is something that is a hardening of the skin over lining the bones underneath that line underneath the newly formed callus. So, the first thing you may want to think about is how were your shoes fitting you. Are you wearing shoes where possibly there's a awful lot of pressure on that bone and we do see this an awful lot in women who love to wear high heels. So that the bones that are just right at the beginning of their toes really get this callus affect from all the pressure on those bones. If you are someone who loves high heels, try to wear a less high heel because there will be less pressure depending on the angle. Second thing you can do if you've already got some nice heels at home, you can get yourself some padding. There are nice foam pads. There's great gel pads and you can put this into your shoes over lining the area where you have the callus formation. That will really cut down on the amount of friction and over time you should see the lessening in your calluses. Last but not least, at the drug store, you can get yourself a stone called a pumice stone and this is a wonderful thing over calluses and to lessen them. This is Doctor Loretta Ciraldo.