Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to clean a laminated wood floor. Laminated wood floors are a lot more durable. People choose these in their homes because if you want, if you have one big, open space, especially nowadays, houses have a family room, and a kitchen, all in one big area. The good thing about that is, it gives a really big, open feel if you can have the same material floor, or the same type of floor going from the living room to the kitchen. This is where laminated wood floors come in handy, because real wood floors can buckle, or get mold, or get things like that, if they're in the kitchen. The kitchen can damage them. If your kids are messy, or you have young kids, or teenagers in the house, it's probably a good idea to maybe consider a laminated floor as opposed to a real wood floor if you're going to have it in the kitchen, like said, the wood can buckle, and it can get really dirty in the wet areas. So, if you have laminated wood floors, they're a lot more durable, they're not going to damage as easy, they're not going to scratch as easy, and they're really easy to take care of. They still look really nice, too. You want to use vinegar and water to clean your laminated wood floor. What you do not want to use is traditional wood cleaners. Yes, it is laminated wood floor, but it's got a sealant on it. And if you use traditional wood floor cleaners, unless they are green cleaners, you're going to build up a wax on your floor. And you're going to eventually have to strip that off. So avoid using things like orange glow, or mop and glow, or things like this, that are supposed to make your floor really, really shiny, because the reason is makes it shiny is because it has wax, you don't want that buildup. Green cleaners do not have wax in them, they can't, because wax is not biodegradable. If it claims that it's non toxic and biodegradable, then it does not contain wax. What I do is get vinegar and water, you use about a cup of vinegar, and a quart of water, keep this around for all your cleaning. For your laminated floors, just spray them, of course first, you want to vacuum or sweep the floor. If you have pets, I suggest vacuuming, because that way you're actually picking up the hair and not just spreading it around. And this is what you're going to use to mop. Your floors are going to stay shiny, and they're going to last a lot longer, and they're very easy to clean. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you clean laminated wood floors.