Video transcription

My name is Tanya Batts and I'm with Physique Designs. I'm going to talk to you today about heel spur exercises. What a heel spur is, is an abnormal growth or like a calcification in the heel. Sometimes people associate heel spurs with plantar fasciitis. I'm going to show you some great stretches that'll stretch that tendon along the bottom of the foot and it might relieve some of your symptoms. First, get a wall. Hands against the wall; one leg in front, the other behind. I'm just going to keep both heels flat on the floor and I'm going to bend that back leg. That's a great stretch in the calf, the heel and along the bottom of the foot. That's the Achilles tendon stretch as well. Another stretch, over here; we got heel dips. So what I'm going to do is step on a step; you can use any stair. And I'm going to drop the heel towards the floor and that stretching the calf and stretching the bottom of the foot. Another great stretch; because in the morning, sometimes the heels first are a little worse than during the day. So I'm just going to grab a towel; I'm going to head to the floor. We're coming down, you just going to take a towel. You're going to place it underneath that foot and all you want to do is just press the bottom of the foot away and that's a great stretch for the bottom of that foot. And those are some great exercises for heel spurs.