Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow strong St. Augustine grass. Now St. Augustine grass is the best grass to grow in warm climates, in the south near the ocean. They do really really well. And it's a really easy grass to grow because it doesn't need a whole lot of water and it can survive in really warm humid temperatures. Now to grow really strong grass you need really good composted material or potting soil underneath the grass. So if you start your grass right on clay or right on rock it doesn't do half as well. So make sure you've got lots of compost underneath. And the trick is to reseed every spring and every fall, reseed your St. Augustine grass and that way it will grow even more lush and do really well. And when you cut it make sure in the spring you can cut it down to one inch tall but in the summer do not cut it any shorter than inch and a half. Because it's so hot and you don't want it to get sun burned. And so just by reseeding and adding more compost every spring and fall, and giving it lots of water at night, and letting it dry out again and then watering it at night. And really soaking it, not just misting it. Soak it and let it dry out, soak it and then let it dry out, and you will find that you will have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood.