Video transcription

Hi this Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to edge a flower bed with bricks. Now you can edge a flower bed with wood or bricks or pretty much any material that you can come up with and it's really easy to do. And you can make it very formal and you can use cement to bond it or you could just lay them in a row and it works as well. So I have lots of succulents in this bed and they've kind of died back over the winter and the deer have gotten to them a little bit but they will grow lush this summer again. And so we've just made a little bed with wood and then I've got my succulents in between and then I just have a row of bricks. And sometimes they move a bit and I have to straighten them out. You can also cement them in and I've just used gravel as well. And then that leads to my beautiful water feature. But bricks are a great way to edge a bed and they are really easy to use and they last a lifetime. And you'll never have to replace them as long as you live in your property. And they are maybe a little bit more expensive then wood and other materials but they are worth it because they last so long and they are so beautiful.